Hey! I’m Chris, a design lead from Auckland, New Zealand. Stoked to use design & design thinking as problem-solving tools for the wellbeing of the planet.

Previously: Jefa, Softbank, and Harvard.


Led design for a digital bank built for the 1.3 billion women globally who don’t have access to a bank account.


Devloped the branding for Venezuela-based delivery app on a mission to create the super app for the region.

Future of Food

Worked with Vow, a lab-grown meat company based in Australia to address the question: what might supermarket shelves look like in 2050?

The Systems Thinking and Circular Design Handbook

Worked on a year-long research project exploring the possibilities of taking a systems thinking approach to circular design.


Built a design-centred startup in Softbank’s inaugural 10-week AI incubator in Tokyo.

The Book Cover Project

And a fun one just for me: everytime I finish reading a book I redesign the cover.

When I’m not designing, I also dabble in a bit of writing, make films of outdoor adventures, and get out and about for a dash of photography.

I’m always down to chat, whether it’s about collaborating on a project, past work, or simply to nab some top notch book recommendations. Fire me an email at chrishagan@uni.minerva.edu or find me at any of the social media accounts below.


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