C H R I S   H A G A N  /  D E S I G N   L E A D


01  The Microadventure Project  a platform designed to bring a little more adventure into daily life [under construction]

02 The Systems Thinking & Circular Design Handbook a project exploring how systems thinking can make us better designers & consumers

03 12 Adventures in 12 Months a 2021 challenge to myself to have some old-school adventures & document the process

01 East Coast to West Coast  a film about catching the sunrise on the East Coast & the sunset on the West

02 Thumbs Out  a film about relying on the kindness of strangers

03 New York City a film about the melancholy of the Big Apple

04  Patagonia a collection of photos from a hiking Patagonia with my Dad

05  Munnar a collection of photos from the tea fields of Southern India

01 Kodawari an article about Japan, craftsmanship, and quality of experience

02 Atlas Obscura a collection of articles about off-the-beaten-path destinations

03 I Want to Visit Your Flower Shop an essay about becoming an adult

04 Design as Social Change an article about design as a tool of social influence

05  The Price of Busyness an essay about what we miss out on when we’re in a rush